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Real-Time Lead Management

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our Meta Ads Managing Service. We automate lead generation through Facebook, ensuring instant CRM integration. All leads are promptly fed into your CRM, accessible on your mobile and PC, allowing for swift follow-ups and higher conversion rates.

Comprehensive Communication Automation

Our service goes beyond lead generation. Receive instant email notifications with lead details, enabling quick customer engagement. Seamlessly connect via WhatsApp with a dedicated link, and effortlessly share your company details through automated greeting emails, empowering you to build meaningful connections and enhance communication.

The Shineops Advantage in Meta Ads Management

Instant CRM Access

Access leads on-the-go through our mobile-optimized CRM, ensuring swift responses and higher conversion rates.

WhatsApp Link Integration

Connect with leads directly via WhatsApp, enhancing communication without the need to save contact numbers.

Email Notification for Leads

Receive immediate email notifications with lead details, allowing prompt engagement and communication.

Automated Company Profile Email

Deliver company profiles instantly to leads through automated greeting emails, fostering quick understanding and trust.

Effortless Lead Data Management

Automatically store leads in an Excel sheet, ensuring organized follow-ups and highlighted action dates for timely engagement.

Trusted Security and Privacy

Rest easy knowing your data is fully encrypted, private, and secure, with Shineops committed to never share or sell your information.

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